Best Robot

Regular Category Elementary 

Rank 57

Team Name

Best Robot

Team Category and Age Group

Regular Elementary

Team Member Names

Matthew Yuan, Amy Yuan & Nathan Yao

Coach Name

Yuan Yuan & Michael Yao

State and city for each member

Sunnyvale, California

How did your team form?​

We are friends.

What makes your team so special?

We build the Best Robot!

What the best feature your robot or presentation?

It use a special trick to swap the green fruits from one side to the other with very little time.

What does participating in WRO has done for you?

We had a lot of fun. Traveled to many places. Learnt a lot of programming and team work.

Please describe your favorite WRO moment:

Winning the third place and best design award in the US final.

What are you looking forward to in Thailand?

Getting a good result in the competition. Good food and lots of fun.


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