Ingenious Engineers

Regular Category Elementary 

Rank 24

Team Name

Ingenious Engineers

Team Category and Age Group

Regular Elementary, 9 - 12 years

Team Member Names 

Arnav Thota - 10 years old , Prathik Kumar - 10 years old.

Coach Name 

Sachin Walia

State and city for each member 

Arnav Thota -- CA - Santa Clara 

Prathik Kumar -- CA - Cupertino

How did your team form?

We met while learning Lego robotics. We started practicing together and soon decided to form a team for the competition.

What makes your team so special?

We are great friends and play together a lot. This helps us understand each other and work very well as a team. We both really enjoy lego robotics and love playing Fortnite video game for relaxation.

What is the best feature your robot or presentation?

Our robot has a simple design that can be easily built. It is an autonomous robot that detects its surroundings through sensors and adapts itself to complete the task. Our EV3 program allows us to be very flexible in changing and performing different tasks.

What does participating in WRO has done for you?

WRO has introduced us to the exciting world of lego robotics competition. During the WRO national competition, we got a chance to meet many other kids from all over the country, who were also interested in lego robotics. It has made us independent, boosted our confidence and taught us how to work as a team to accomplish our goals.

Please describe your favorite WRO moment:

Our favorite WRO moment was when we got a full score and won the 1st place in the 2018 US nationals, Regular elementary category. No other team in our category got a perfect score. It was also special, because we got a score of 0 in our second round, but, we didn't give up. We came back in the 3rd round (final round) and got the perfect score and won the competition. We felt very proud and happy that we were the National Champions and that we would be representing USA in the WRO internationals tournament in Thailand. This is the 2nd year we competed in the WRO nationals. Last year, we were placed at the 7th position in the nationals.


What are you looking forward to in Thailand?

We are looking forward to representing the USA in Thailand. Since this will be our first year at the WRO - Internationals, we want to experience how kids from other countries practice lego robotics. We are looking forward to seeing the different bot designs and interact with kids from all over the world.


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