Phi-Ro Technics

Open Category Senior

Rank 3

Team Name

Pi-Rho Technics


Team Category and Age Group

Senior Open


Team Member names

Brian Ding and Jason Brown


Coach Name

Andy Brown


State and City

Northville, MI


How did your team form?

Both Jason and Brian had been participating internationally in WRO for 2015 and 2016 on different teams. After Qatar (2016), they decided to partner up and form a team.

What makes your team so special?

Both Brian and Jason have the ability to program in several languages, are skilled in building not just in LEGO, but fabricating their own structures. They tend to divide the work well, do their tasks independently, and integrate well. Both are strong willed and like to participate and compete.


What has participating in WRO done for you?

Brian says: WRO gives him a platform to present our ideas and creations.

Jason says: WRO allows us to learn new and more advanced robotic topics that I wouldn't normally learn.


Describe your favorite WRO moment:

Brian says: The food trucks in Costa Rica... When you are performing at a high level, then realize you've gone several hours past meals, the food trucks hit the spot.

Jason says: Meeting new people at Internationals with similar drive, motivation, and interest in robotics.


What are you looking forward to in Thailand?

Both Brian and Jason agrees that they are really looking forward to seeing a new culture, both in Thai society as well as meeting new teams from around the world.


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