Regular Category Junior

Rank 71

Team Name


Team Category and Age Group

Regular, Junior

Team Member Names

Komal Keesara, Anish Gajula

Coach Name

Sachin Walia

State and city for each member

Sunnyvale, California

Fremont, California

How did your team form?

We and another team by the name of Blank all went to a small robotics company that taught us basic coding and building. Last year we all did FLL together, but after one of our members grew too old to compete, so we decided to transition to WRO.

What makes your team so special?

We have a connection with each since we weren’t forced to work together and were already friends before the competition. We have a upbeat personality, with a lot of confidence, and despite just being two guys in a garage, we’re ready to take on anything.

What the best feature your robot or presentation?

In our opinion, the best part of our robot was definitely our line follower. With help from our coach, we were able to code them to be amazingly smooth and fast.

What does participating in WRO has done for you?

Participating in WRO has opened up countless possibilities that otherwise would not have been possible. It has taught us to be responsible, manage time, and not get frustrated if something does not work the first time. Patience is key!

Please describe your favorite WRO moment:

Our favorite moment was after the competition when we came back to our hotel. It was the first time all day that we were really able to revel in what the two of us were able to accomplish. To think that there were hundreds of others competing for the same thing we were, and for us to come out on top was a feeling that we won't soon forget.

What are you looking forward to in Thailand?

We are looking forward to competing alongside other passionate teams and just to really live in the moment and appreciate what were are getting the opportunity to do.


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