Regular - Senior

Ages 16 to 19 years old

Smart Network

Future IT networks face challenges such as holographic video conferencing, driverless cars, and interactive robots, just to name a few of the options that are expected to occur in the near future.

In IT data transfer, not only is the goal to increase the speed, but also to create complex systems that can intelligently adapt to the needs of users so that technology remains hidden from the everyday user. Hardware and software solutions will work together to run the future networks.


Creating these future networks involves adapting the current technology, developing new devices, and strengthening wireless technologies. Only a fast, reliable, and secure system can serve as the base for the smart city of the future. It is necessary to create a system that does not require specific IT knowledge from the user.  By hiding the technology, only the benefits and the convenience are presented to users. Hungary is one of the centers of 5G research, which can provide a foundation for intelligent networks.


This year, it is the mission to create a robot that modernizes the network within a city by installing new wireless node devices and establishing an optical network between them.


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