STEAM Fun 4 Kids

Elementary Open Category 

LEGO Education Creativity Award

Rank 16

Team Name


Team Category and Age Group

Elementary Open Category

Team Member Names

Rohini Saha and William Ye

Coach Name

Bing Ye

State and city for each member

Ann Arbor, Michigan

How did your team form?

The team members work on LEGO robotics projects in a group on a regular basis.

What makes your team so special?

We are a very collaborative team. We learn and work together. When we start a project, our team members brainstorm together to identify the main problems, then list out all the possible ways to solve them. After that, we discuss to determine the best way to complete the project. The team members start off with different responsibilities, but once the project is in the mature state, all team members share the knowledge and the learnings with each other to get a holistic view of the entire project.

What the best feature your robot or presentation?

It will automatically tell the customer the health value of the items and apply discounts to incentivise the purchase of healthy foods. It makes you want to eat healthy food and live a healthy life. This idea has tremendous applications in real life.

What does participating in WRO has done for you?

It had made us feel more comfortable in thinking about and solving problems. We have become better at robotics programming. In addition, we have learned about the difference between highly processed foods and healthy foods.

Please describe your favorite WRO moment:

The presentation is our favorite moment because we get to tell others about our ideas and what we made after spending a lot of time building and programming the robot and preparing the presentation.

What are you looking forward to in Thailand?

We are looking forward to having a great experience where we will meet students from different countries and learn about their ideas and robots. It should be both fun as well as a new learning experience for us.


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