The Tree Musketeers

Regular Category Junior

Rank 31

Team Name

The Tree Musketeers

Team Category and Age Group

Regular Jr. division

Team Member Names

Dylan, Elysia, Peter


Coach Name

Stan Khaykin

Team City and State

Los Angeles, California


How did your team form?

We have a very particular set of skills that we acquired over a long period of time. We had all participated in FLL competitions in the past and had experience in different areas in robotics and programming for this competition. Because of this, we were invited by Great Minds Robotics to form our current WRO team.

What makes your team so special?

We’ve been told by many other teams and coaches that we have a very good team dynamic (so true!!!). We each have an important role on our team and split up tasks, but we work together and make sure that no one is left behind. We each have different skill sets and we delegate tasks according to each of our strengths and also learn from one another. Our teamwork allowed us to partake in the WRO Friendship Invitationals 2018 in the Philippines, where we placed 3rd in our category.

What the best feature your robot?

We have many great features on our robots: Our intake is versatile and has an expansive capacity for error. The robot is designed to split into several sub-assemblies for modular construction for build time efficiency. Our program also has several intriguing features. We implemented PID controllers in many places: We have PD turns, snap-to-lines, and line followers.


What does participating in WRO has done for you?

Participating in WRO has introduced us to many people from around the world. We have made engineering friends from other countries, and also from elsewhere within the United States. In addition, it has exposed us to numerous professional engineering practices.


Please describe your favorite WRO moment:

One of the US Elementary teams, Best Robot, wanted some of the miniature, plastic, completely harmless swords that we gave out as part of the “Tree Musketeers” pun at US Nationals. One of the members of Best Robot, Amy, did not get one and wrote us a “Request for SORDS.”


What are you looking forward to in Thailand?

Giving Amy “SORDS.” Meeting new teams from other countries. Spending time with elephants. Visiting temples. Experiencing Thai culture. Eating something from a vendor off the street. 


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